I’m a horrible cat mom.


I think he's recovered from this incident.  He just avoids me all the time now.
I think he’s recovered from this incident. He just avoids me all the time now.

Our apartment is pretty awesome with a fun spiral staircase to a loft.  It’s like having a magical portal that as I ascend, allows me to enter a fantastical land of random things that don’t fit into closets, crafting items, litter boxes in what would be a wonderful second bathroom to use if it didn’t have litter boxes in it, cat hangouts, a desk, some bookcases with random books and leftover items that don’t go anywhere else, and workout equipment.   You’re jealous, I know.  Unless you have a nice house that maybe has good insulation and doesn’t stay cold all the time.

The staircase/loft combo is a pretty rad place for cats to romp and spy on us but it is also a well-known prankster’s paradise for humans.

In this particular story I wasn’t really being a prankster but I was being lazy; lofts are additionally a well-known lazy woman’s paradise.   Why carry something when you can throw or drop it?  Adam and I use this method of transfer all the time.  Usually this results in someone having to go pick something up or a repeat throw where the parabola is more properly calculated.

Unfortunately for Duncan, this day I was being lazy.  And that blanket was just too much trouble for me to tote.  Poor unsuspecting Duncan didn’t even see it coming and it resulted in  his having a bad case of the Halloween-cat-silhouette-syndrome.  You know what I mean – all puffed up, back arched, jumpy, in front of a full moon.

So I officially apologize to you Duncan.  I swear I was just being lazy and didn’t mean to startle you.  I am glad to see you have recovered nicely and are sleeping on your Dad now.

The next time I walk underneath that loft though I think I’ll be a little more careful and look for a set of little black paws pushing one of those workout weights or that chirping bird toy.  That would suck and be annoying, respectively.

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  1. I used to live in a crappy but still cool loft apartment, and I would throw things over the edge all the time, like laundry, blankets, keys, cat toys etc. One time my kitten fell from the ledge and landed in a bean bag chair! I was asleep when it happened, but heard a “flop” and then the skittish scampering of a baby kitty. I was sooooooo upset, but she was fine and learned to be more careful.


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