Some cats have good penmanship and some cats like to try to murder you.



It's hard enough to hold a pencil with paws, let alone hold it with two thumb nails.

It's hard enough to hold a pencil with paws, let alone hold it with two thumb nails.

This weekend Adam and I had the illustrious honor of taking care of a little baby cat.  Our neighbors were out of town and little Omlette needed us to stop by and make sure she was ok.  She’s just a baby after all.

Firstly, she was soooooo excited to see us that she purred a lot.  She was excited for getting some pets and loved to play with her string toy.  She ran really fast and then tried to kill me.

That’s right.  I said, kill me.

I don’t know if you watch That Mitchell and Webb Look, a crazy British sketch comedy show, but I am going to quote a line I just heard.  “We’ve all got immortality that wears off!”  I think  little Omlette must have heard that and was thinking of how she could end my immortality before it had a chance to wear off.

She ran so fast and stopped EXACTLY under my feet, thereby causing me to trip and take a dive (since I love cats and all I didn’t want to squish her by just landing on her).  I was this close to either landing in the blinds draw cord where I would have probably been strangled or impaling myself on a lamp.

But since I have extraordinary super secret ninja skills, I caught my balance and survived.

I forgave her since she is still a baby.  But I’ll tell ya what…I’m gonna watch my back when I see little Omlette out in her harness outside.  She might try to run me out into the street or something.

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  1. You know what’s REALLY fun? Try wearing capri pants with drawstrings at the legs. You will attract all the kittens in your neighborhood and then some. They’ll dash towards your vulnerable legs, trip you, then mull your flesh with their claws as they go berserk at the sight of those drawstrings.

  2. love the new random link button on your page. since being featured on freshly pressed i bet your budget has skyrocketed. keep up the good work. can’t wait to bark next time you come over.

  3. Ah yes, we call one of our cats Obi Underfoot. He is a master at the sudden stop, turning without signalling and appearing from nowhere on the next stair. At least once a day he does something to keep my ninja skills fresh. Really, he’s doing me a favor…when we’re attacked by ten pound minions, I will be prepared.

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