The Adventures of Cat Cat: The City Needs a Hero!


But it's a LASER POINTER!!!
But it’s a LASER POINTER!!!

I’m so excited to have been Freshly Pressed and have so many]\\\\\\\\\\  Sorry, that last bit was Duncan.  As I was saying, I am super excited to have so many visitors dropping by, sharing their cat stories, and perhaps even laughing with me so I’m not metaphorically walking alone on the sidewalk laughing at a personal joke too loud and for too long by myself.  Yes, this happens to me; I actually did it the other day when I was teaching, haha.  I think a few of my kids were amused if not confused.

But, since Cat Cat seems to be pretty funny I think I shall continue chronicling his adventures.  I start with this episode.  Number one.

The city is in desperate need of a hero, even going so far as to use the debt-ensuring new technology of the multi-laser pointer call sign.  But alas, Cat Cat with all his slight cat enhancements instead refuses, thus demonstrating his amazing power of unexpected nonchalance and disinterest.  This power is particularly unique in that you would expect Cat Cat to lose control of himself and go bananas for that cool laser pointer you bought that the city was using and rush toward it.  Opposite.

I actually bought a laser pointer for Duncan once and he called upon his unexpected nonchalance and disinterest powers and, boy, was it a let down.  I think he played with that thing for maybe 10 seconds before total boring cat syndrome set it.  Boo, Duncan.  What was I supposed to do with a laser pointer?  I had no presentations and I’d have gotten arrested if I tried to aim it at an airplane so now I’m out five bucks.

Indeed, Cat Cat’s powers have a way of both reassuring you of your expectations and letting you down at the same time and it’s unfortunate that Duncan must have read his comics.

Go Cat Cat, GO!

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  1. My roommate’s cat would not respond to a laser pointer signal either. In fact, she would probably curl up in a corner and stare with contempt at the person requesting her assistance.

    Maybe she and Cat Cat are long lost siblings.


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