If I could, I’d probably let Duncan do the grocery shopping…he’d probably pick out some pretty good food.


He's about to get his own show on A&E.
He's about to get his own show on A&E.

Duncan is food crazy.  This is common knowledge here on notacrazycatlady.com.  However, some of you may not realize the severity of the situation.

Duncan is a cat posessed.  In fact, I opened a string cheese not too long ago (looks like a piece-mealed dinner tonight!) and in typical Duncan fashion he was in the kitchen with me, underfoot before I had even contemplated if I was going to eat the string cheese in strings or banana-style.

He is seriously nuts.  Above I have creatively listed all the foods he literally will fight me for.  Dang that cat has strong paws.

Can you identify them all?  Sure it isn’t that hard, but indeed it is surprising when the scope of his food desires is completely realized.

Warning: if a cat doesn’t scurry when busted with his head in a bag of Doritos, you know the problem is pretty serious.

13 thoughts on “If I could, I’d probably let Duncan do the grocery shopping…he’d probably pick out some pretty good food.

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  1. I like Duncan the Food Bounty Hunter! Just last week, when I I was hungry and wanted to sleep-in at the same time, I told my husband, “I wish we could train our cats to make us breakfast in bed.” Then I thought about that for a second and corrected myself.”Maybe not. All they would bring us is kibble, tuna water and micey mice (their fav toys that often appear in the food dishes)!

    Lord only knows what my fuzzy girls, Tybee and Savannah, would do in a grocery store…


  2. My two are simple beasts. A little bit of bread and cheese and they are completely content with the world (although, at the moment, my ‘blonde’ one keeps trying to eat the cat litter!). They can sense cheese sandwich preparation from the other end of the apartment. There may be no cats in the kitchen when I start, but as soon as the bread bag is openened they both materialize (Star Trek style) at my feet.


  3. Haha wow, I thought only my psycho cat was obsessed with Doritos. I don’t know if I find the fact that there is another cat out there that will kill for a Dorito comforting (as in mine isn’t the only one!) or really worrying.


  4. hey there. i really love your cattoon sketch! weirdly awesome and amazing!
    it’ll be good on t-shirt! <–just saying.
    may i post your cattoons on my facebook acc?


  5. My cat, Juliet, will eat almost anything. She has been known to steal fries, chips, pieces of cookies, brownies, cheese, pop-tarts, popcorn, peas, green beans, bread…except for chocolate, she’ll try to eat anything. Oh and she also sticks her head in glasses to drink juice, pop, milk…She is relentless or as you say…obsessed! Nothing can be left out at our house for fear she would eat or drink it all! The great thing is that she has a stomach like a tank and doesn’t throw up, although she does make the litter box stinky after one of her stealing food escapades. I’ve never met another cat like her! Thanks so much for sharing that she isn’t the only crazy one.


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