Smudge is paving the way for cats who like footwear.


Smudge is a troubled youth.
Smudge is a troubled youth.

Waaaaaay back last month when I posted about angry birds I made mention of Smudge and his lack of a driver’s license.  Poor guy is stuck with Heelys.  Ok, so someone who would be taking a driver’s test probably wouldn’t wear Heelys….and neither would cats, but we’ll just forget that part.  My cousin told me the thought of a cat in Heelys was stuck in her brain, and I thought, yes, yes, I will cattoon about Smudge wearing Heelys!

But actually who really is stuck with Heelys?  These things are amazing!  I personally haven’t tried them but I’m seriously considering it.  Whenever I see a kid wearing them, I get somewhat jealous.  Forget walking when you can just scoot around to your heart’s content.  I’ve really wanted to have a real Razor scooter at school for those days when I don’t feel like walking, but I think Heelys might be a much more realistic solution.

I can’t believe Heelys haven’t been bigger in the adult community.  Well, I actually can.  I guess there aren’t too many things that teens and adults are both interested in.  Besides…maybe Twilight? In truth, I have an unreliable perspective since I am around kids all day.  Well…..I suppose that really isn’t the reason for my unrealistic perspective, though,  since I really just am an oversized child at times…which still isn’t even all that true.  Many of my students are bigger than me.

But this is all beside the point.  Here Smudge is.  In all his glory.  A true tween.   But a fast one.

4 thoughts on “Smudge is paving the way for cats who like footwear.

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  1. Around kids all day – are you a teacher? My cat Xena (yes, she was named after THAT Xena) loved to play with shoestrings, she chewed all of them up. She must have thought they were little snakes and bit their heads off.
    Glad I’m subscribed, LOL 🙂


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