Flashback drawing: Please fasten your seatbelt. There’s going to be a little turbulence.

Why wouldn't you eat what you find in the back of an airplane seat?
Why wouldn't you eat what you find in the back of an airplane seat?

This is an older-ish drawing that remains one of my favorites.  Sorry if it’s hard to follow, but I included some arrows if it helps….

I was flying somewhere doing something cool and ended up sitting next to a pudgy little kid, maybe about 5 years old.  He had on a hat that he thought was awesome; he kept putting it on and taking it off.  I think it was camouflage.  He had a little backpack that probably had some sweet toys.  But probably not those little books where you use the marker to reveal pictures or numbers or something that was written in invisible ink.  Those things were awesome.

So this kid was bravely sitting all by himself, maybe a brother or guy sitting next to him asleep.  But for all intents and purposes, he was on his own.  His parents were a row up and across the aisle and his bigger, probably middle-school aged brothers were across the aisle in the same row as us.   This was big time and I could tell he was really excited.

In his exploration of his throne, he began to examine the seat back pocket.  It was then that fireworks began to explode in his eyes and I could tell he was hearing his own personal victory song in his head…probably something like Rocky.  For it was in this moment that he revealed……..a full. sized. candy bar.  For a kid, this is like winning the lottery.

His face lit up so much.  Yet, he instantly called upon some sort of self-preservation defensive body language.  He tried to hide his smile as well as the candy bar.  I was a bit confused.  Until…his bigger brother with his A Christmas Story braces-filled grimace leaned across the aisle calling his little brother’s name asking what he found.

Not admitting defeat, little man attempted to save his precious treat.  Alas, his nasty brother leaned across the aisle, swiped the candy bar and then stuffed his pimply face with it.  The ordeal lasted all of a minute.

My little seat neighbor was heartbroken.

Until…the cart came by with snack and drinks.  Being that the airline was cheap, we would have to buy our own snacks.  I could instantly tell that this boy was excited.  He asked the lady how much a cookie was, took out his little wallet, and paid the $15.  Ok, it was only $3 but it sounds better and slightly more realistic if the cookie was $15.

That cookie became his Heisman Trophy, a testament to a victorious moment in his life.  That is, until the cart moved and his mean older brother saw what he had in his hands.

His brother immediately tattled to their mom that little Peter had just bought a cookie and his mom made him give it back and get his $3 back.

My poor little guy sadly followed through and finished the trip playing with his hat again and his GameBoy.  Dejected, he will probably never recover from this ordeal or might try to punch his brother someday.  I hope he does.

Firstly, I’m grossed out and slightly concerned that they considered/ate the candy bar from the back of the seat pocket.  Disease/razor blades/poison anyone?

Secondly, I hate that middle-school brother.  What a jerk.  Seriously, if I was in teacher mode I’d be all up in that situation.

Thirdly, that’s about it.  I hate that big kid and grossed out that someone ate the homeless candy bar.



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