Flashback drawing: Cat turf wars…COMMENCE!

Whapping tails = displeased
Whapping tails = displeased

Another “oldie” here.  This was back when Adam was in school in Denver.  You may notice my basic attempt at mountains in the second panel there – that’s how you know it was Denver.  Surprising fact if you’ve never been to Denver….Denver is not actually mountainous, lush, and green as I has envisioned in my head.  It’s actually kind of crowded, flat, brown, and sparsely vegetated.  However, the mountains are awesome and the downtown was pretty rad.

But that is all beside the point.  This is a tale about a very small portion of Denver, namely Adam’s apartment and the grass outside of it.

You see…..

There once were two young cats who lived in a rather nice Denver apartment.  There were windows galore, tons of room to run around, and a fireplace to gaze in and lay beside.

Things couldn’t get better for these guys.  Sometimes, they’d even see squirrels running about, which was very invigorating for the two brother cats.  They would run from room to room following squirrels outside.  Life was great.

That was, until HE stopped by.

A little perky cat would prance around outside in front of the window, practically flaunting his freedom, individuality, and charisma.

These cats did not like this and so they just sat and stared at him through the screen whapping their tails as furiously and vigorously as was possible to demonstrate their displeasure.

Nothing ever happened.  The end.

They really were pretty mad at that guy.

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