Only read this post if you have friends. I guess that means I can’t read it…


Which Golden Girl would YOU be?
Which Golden Girl would YOU be?

Thank you for being a friend…doo doo doo doooo….traveled ’round the world and back again.  Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.  Doodoo dooo dooo doooo.  And if you threw a party, invited everyone you ever kneeeeew.  You would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say, “Thank you for being a friend.” (cue end music and phenomenal transition music)

I’m not gonna lie.  Every time I hear that song, or even think of it as I just did typing that thing, it warms my heart, puts a smile on my face, and I am awash in nostalgia.  Either it’s because I remember watching the Golden Girls in the summer when I had no cable and nothing better to do with my time in middle school or I am reliving some sense of nostalgia from being a sassy old woman in another life.  Both are awesome.

I really love this show.  Like really, really love it.  Poor Adam doesn’t get it even though it is THE best written comedy show ever.  Belly laughs every episode.  Every episode.  The characters are hilarious, the one liners classic, and the outfits to die for.

But I post this today to celebrate friends.  The kind that write you notes about nothing and everything in mini notebooks in middle school (before texting, yo).  The kind that remind you of old stories you didn’t remember and were utterly insignificant then and…well, I guess insignificant now, but fun to remember.  The kind that make you feel as if no time has passed even if it’s been a while seeing them.  The kind that don’t mind when you say or do stupid or gross things…not that that ever happens to me…

So friends, and I mean you Duncan and Smudge, thank you for being my friend.

Go celebrate a friend today by singing them the theme song to the Golden Girls!  And make it loud and preferably in a public place – it’ll make it even more special.

One thought on “Only read this post if you have friends. I guess that means I can’t read it…

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  1. LOVE THIS! (Of course!) The golden girls are amazing…as I own all seven seasons on dvd…and have a stay golden shirt….and call myself rose….and have a betty white calendar hanging in my kitchen….and have this very cattoon hanging on my refrigerator….stay golden!


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