Smudge loves squirrels…a little too much.


No one wins against glass.
No one wins against glass.

Our apartment is great with a cool loft that overlooks a parking lot with some kids rebounding a ball off my car some trees and a bit of the neighborhood.  In its suburb-y apartmentness, it does let the cats into a a taste of the world of nature they normally don’t get to see when they are busy sleeping and being lazy.

Smudge really likes to sit and pretend he’s Jack Hanna sometimes.  He’s very good at observing.  It’s all well and good until nature gets too close.  Then forget any sense of decorum or curiosity….it’s on.

This day, a squirrel decided to get a little friendly with Smudge as it crawled on the roof of the deck.  I wasn’t there to see it, so I can only go on Adam’s recollection of the event.  Pretty much the cattoon says it all.

A ferocious battle of wits ensued, not unlike that of the Princess Bride, until Smudge lost when he thought he could tackle the squirrel and ended up tackling his own face in the window.  The squirrel figured out that it was safe and went about its squirrely business, unscathed minus an adrenaline rush.  Sorry Smudge…looks like you still have a bit to learn about the world.

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