I might be crazy for Snuggies, but this dog has other fashion ideas in mind.

It's slimming and fashionable!
It's slimming and fashionable!

This cattoon dogtoon is inspired by a photo that my friends Sarah and Dave showed me of their dog Gabby.  Gabby usually isn’t into fashion but she made an exception for a practical down vest Sarah put on her.  If I recall the story I was told, it went a little something like this….

“Hey, let’s put Gabby in my vest!” Sarah exclaimed with glee in her eyes…and in her heart.  The day a dog gets its first vest is a very important one, indeed.

“Well, only if I get to wear it next,” Dave replied.  He really likes vests, too.

Gabby did not need to be coaxed to comply, as she was sitting pretty awaiting her chance at her dream to finally be clothed.  As the vest neared her legs and was awkwardly placed onto her inflexible dog body, pride and joy emanated from the pup.  With a final zip of the zipper, Gabby was dressed and ready to strut her stuff!

Parading around the house, head held high, Gabby was a new woman.  She was ready to take on the world, just she and her vest.  Power business women of the 80s beware; there’s a new bitch in town.

“Well, Dave, it looks like you won’t be getting to wear my vest after all.”

“It ‘tis what it ‘tis,” Dave replied with a casual head lean, a raise of his shoulders and hands palm up to indicate that it really is what it ’tis. *cue sitcom laugh track*

The end.

Well, it probably went a little something like that.

Anywho, I couldn’t find the picture of Gabs in a vest on my 1 minute search of my friend’s Facebook page but I did find this of Gabby in a rain coat.  Needless to say, she was not pleased and prefers vests.  She wears them for maneuverability and this coat is simply too limiting.

Yellow isn't her color.
And so, Gabby learned that day of her extraordinary disillusionment with the raincoat that her dream was not to be clothed, but to be clothed in fabulous vests.

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  1. Bravo! So well done–I laughed, I cried, I pre-ordered my catoon compendium on Amazon. Seriously, how do you keep making them better and better?


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