Instead of yelling and taking it out on Adam, I shall just stare at this cattoon.

Smile!  Or not, you jerk.
Smile! Or not, you jerk.

This cattoon was spawned from a day where I think I was feeling a bit flustered and irritated – probably forgot when my return flight was and missed it…on two separate occasions.  True story, embarrassingly enough.  That’s a long enough story, so I’ll save it for later.

But today, I kind of need this reminder.  Today was actually a pretty fabulous day.  But good god teaching applications take forever (Oh yeah, surprise!  We’re moving back to Clevesburg in the summer!)!

I came home to work on some teaching applications and it is utterly depressing to work pretty much straight through from about 3pm to 8pm and have only 6 applications done; and THAT’S with the little info transfer feature they have.  Instead of having to retype every god-awful date and address it actually imports it from another teaching application…which actually is pretty cool.  When I was doing these applications a few years ago it was even longer, which I can’t even fathom now.  I’d rather move – which I have to do anyway, crap.

So at least I’ve got that import thing going for me.  What has arisen as a bit of a hindrance and a slight annoyance is that I have pretty much entered what I like to call teacher application hell.  Imagine having to write about 2 – 5 essays…for EACH application.  What am I?  In 8th grade?  Do other jobs make you write essays as part of the application process?

The evil part of it all (because really how many essay prompts can there be for a teaching application) is that the questions are juuuuuuust different enough that I can’t really even copy and paste the stupid answers to just get the dang thing finished.

So, feeling a little stressed that it isn’t going as fast as I’d like, I need this reminder from a crazy cat to be positive.

So if you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry, seems to help I know…downtown. Or just look at this cat cartoon.

2 thoughts on “Instead of yelling and taking it out on Adam, I shall just stare at this cattoon.

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  1. It’s like you’re psychic or something, I feel I must thank you because you posted this on the day (yes I know it was just yesterday ) that I had a complete unjustified meltdown about something and I knew it was unjustified so I set this cattoon as my desktop wallpaper and Printed one out for future freak outs. Love it!


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