All you need is a little passive aggressiveness in your life to live Duncanstyle.

It's pretty emphatic.
It’s pretty emphatic.

When Duncan means business, he means business and he’s not afraid to let you know.  Since he can only meow and can’t really talk (although I suspect he practices at home when we’re not around), he has a few other communication skills.

In this case he calls upon the sheer power of the sigh.  Duncan was marching around one day around Adam, presumably because he wanted food.  Well, nothing was getting accomplished so Duncan had to bring out the big guns.  As he was crawling around all over the place…pause on couch, move to floor, back to couch, pause and stare, move to other side of Adam, stop and stare again…he needed to find the best way possible to demonstrate his displeasure with the lack of attention he was getting.  This resulted in a sigh that could rival some adults I know in both air volume and displeasure quotient.  It came out sounding like a short little huff of a noise and probably made him more mad that we were laughing at him.

As he let out his sigh of frustration, Adam insightfully spoke that, “He breathed onto my knee.”  From that point on we often refer that statement.  In its infinite wisdom it holds within it a metaphor that links…oh who am I kidding.  It just sounds funny.  Try it for yourself….I’ll wait………………see?  I told you.

This has taught Adam and me another communication tool that we can use to resolve our own silly human issues.  Instead of having to say anything and potentially make a situation worse, a good sniff-sigh can really say all that there is to be said.  It’s a bit passive aggressive, yes, but it works for Duncan and speaks volumes.

So, I challenge you , save your relationships with a good old fashioned sigh.

Try it at work with your boss….”I’m gonna need those TPS reports on my desk.”   *sniff*

Try it with your significant other…”Honey, I need you to pick me up from the airport tomorrow.” *sniff*

Try it with your parents…”I was an ok parent, right?” *sniff*

Try it with an annoying friend…”Does this outfit make my face look ugly?”  *sniff*



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