Some cats are magicians!


It's like magic!  Wait.  No it's not.
It's like magic! Wait. No it's not.

I’m not sure why it happens.  I’m not sure what the deal is.  But whatever is happening it happens too frequently for it to be a coincidence.   And frankly, it’s upsetting me quite a bit.

Are the cats in cahoots or something?  Is this some sort of elaborate plan to blow my mind?  If so, it’s working.

Often I’ll be in a room just sitting around hanging out (bathroom?) and a cat will stop by to hang out for a while.  Just chillin’.  You know.  Well, after an awkward hello in the old RR that cat will leave.  Then not more than 2 seconds later that cat returns….BUT IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COLOR, PATTERN, AND (SOMEWHAT) BODY TYPE!

(cue screechy high pitched questioning voice) What the hey?!?! Seriously – what just happened?

Ok.  All insincere shock aside, you didn’t fool me, cats.  I know one of you was just waiting, lurking behind the door, peeping through that little gap where the door opens.  And the moment you saw your brother coming back to the bedroom your shenanigans ensued.

But seriously, how does this happen more than once?  What’s with the planning.  I mean, how do you even plan?  Is there some secret cat guild of trickery?  Because I’m pretty sure you are card carrying members.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t squelch my cats’ fun.  They are cats and I should just let them have these moments.  They’ll really like it when I pretend to be surprised.  I hope I make it into their diaries.

“Dear Diary,

Today Smudge and I tricked Mom.  She had no clue what to do when she thought I changed color.  What an idiot.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll stand really hard on her to make her get up and get me food.  I love her.  Mreh.

Love, Me”

P.S. Duncan just pawed the crap out of a fluffy pillow for like 5 minutes straight.  Just thought I’d share since it was pretty amusing.  Cattoon on its way!


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  1. My two cats play these tricks too. One will be curled up on a chair, I go to the kitchen or bathroom for a minute and when I come back the cat has ‘changed colour’…but is in the exact same position! I don’t know why they do it, but it makes me do a double-take every time. I think they’re playing with my mind!

    Your blog is wonderful, I love it!


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