If you’re ever in a pickle and need a cat who can help(?), just call on Cat Cat!


The soon to be villain/hero (?)
The soon to be villain/hero(?)

If you didn’t know, I have a twitter account (I still don’t really get it sometimes, but what they hey…it IS the 21st century after all.  I should be getting more involved with the Interwebs and all.) and my friend @blueda99 shared with me a fun tweet from @badbanana regarding, what else?  Cats.

And it goes….ahem….

“Catwoman is so played out. Here’s my suggestion for the next Batman movie. Catcat. A cat with slightly enhanced cat powers.”

So here you have it, my version of Cat Cat.  This cat is impressive with his enhanced cat powers, which will send him to the next box office blockbuster.  He can move fast but only if he wants to, especially when it becomes an annoyance.  BAM!  He can sleep a lot!  POW!  He can shed fur a lot!  ZAM!  He can meow a lot!  SOCK!  He can digest a lot!  SLIPPER!

So, Mr. Siedell, I hope we can collaborate and make this project happen.  I’ll go in halfsies with you.  Have your people call me people.  Except after 9 because I’ll already be asleep probably.

103 thoughts on “If you’re ever in a pickle and need a cat who can help(?), just call on Cat Cat!

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  1. Ok, this made me literally laugh out loud. Love the powers — sleep for 24 hours straight! Fill a litter box in one go! I’ll have to show Jay this, I think he’ll appreciate it too.


  2. Hilarious. I have written about my own cat. She can remain on the roof of a speeding car. She can insert herself between the exterior door and three feet of snow without leaving a pawprint. She can stare into a blank wall for hours without passing out. Gotta love cats.


  3. Hmm, was beginning to think Cat Cat was my 20yr. old kitty named Max (who we deem as human) but he rarely makes it to the litter box..usually when he’s jumping it just falls out lol.


  4. I learned the powers of cats with my first one named, “Meow.” I was out one late evening calling her by her name at which point the neighbors called the cops and said some nut was out in the street acting like a cat by meowing. Now I give all my cats generic names like, Tom, Dick or Harry.


  5. (1)The extreme econcomy of language in comments posted here on Catcat has me puzzled: are cat people paralyzed and tongue-tied by a supernatural feline spell]? or what?

    (2) I worship the cat. Like an Egyptian. Which thought leads me to suggest that you should try to develop an “ancient Egypt” motif to this blog. Remember how Steve Marin sent up “King Tut?” Try “King Cat” – in a golden sarcophagus surrounded by priceless golden cat toys. With an evil curse upon the fool who dares to disturb her eternal beauty rest!

    Good concept, thought. My cats like it – which is REALLY saying something!


  6. Oh Lawdy! I accidentally clicked on this site (or whatever the fart the cyber term is…) and CatCat described two things that my 2 rescue kitties do – demand food with a mind numbin’ marathon of yowls designed to wear me down until I capitulate and fill their trough and afterwards, download in a litter box like there is moratorium on the stuff! I could use some helpful info as to what I can do about these phenomena! Puleeze!!!


  7. I love the idea of CatCat. You are right…Catwoman is sooooooo last week. I had a cat for a month, dang thing roamed the neighborhood and used my kindness to get a place to sleep and to eat. All she had to do was meow at me and I opened a can of tuna, albacore at that. Talk about powers!


  8. This is hilarious. Makes me miss my cat. I lost him to an unfornate drunkard who had left the door open. Upon awakening, the only reminisce of his potential survival was the crap he left on my neighbors porch. I thank him for that. RIP Jazz. Maybe?


  9. Will CatCat go after KleptoKitty, the one who has recently been featured on national television for stealing from the neighbors? Heavens! The neighborhood will never be the same again!


  10. This is hilarious! CatCat and my kitty would get along great! Defending the world from catnip nappers and stealthy balls of foil that hide under unsuspecting cabinets. Keep up the great work!


  11. I second the comment about Cat Power singing the theme song. What a great post, and congratulations on Freshly Pressed. My cat would love this, too, if she could be bothered to check out The Thing That Takes Mom’s Attention Away From Me.


  12. Does catcat have hairball digesting powers too?
    Can he hack and vomit like a speeding bullet???
    Catcat must meet Cujo for a meeting of super power, kabam! and Pow! Tinkly toy batting and butt sniffing. A good time will be had by all.


  13. Hahaha… I know the feeling. I have a cat who terrorizes my puppy when he’s in a crappy mood, and leaves us half-eaten carcasses of mice at the back door as if to say “This could happen to you next if you don’t treat me right…”


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