I’ve totally been pulling a Smudge at least 3 times this week.

Smudge is very specific about his sleeping habits.
Smudge is very specific about his sleeping habits.

I think I am perhaps battling some sort of illness, ’cause science knows I’m around enough germs all day long it’s bound to happen.  Plus, I’ve been getting back into my old napping habits lately, so something must be up.

My friends will probably laugh at me because I’m usually always tired and the first one to pass out once it gets past 9 o’clock, so yuk it up, pals.  But this could be serious.  Cue Dorothy in the Golden Girls episode about chronic fatigue.  She finally felt less crazy once she knew she wasn’t a hypochondriac disease fabricator.

But I really can’t help my fatigue.  It got to the point where I was concerned I had sleep apnea or something worse and actually got a sleep test.  I got to spend the night at a sleep clinic and become a cyborg so they could monitor my sleeping patterns.  AND I got to stay the next day for a nap study where I had to try and nap every 2 hours.    Sounds like bliss but I think I suffered from performance anxiety; I couldn’t fall asleep in the naps when I KNEW I would be able to do it otherwise.  I recall actually be upset with myself that I didn’t sleep.  Cue perfectionist syndrome right about now.

I usually can totally fall asleep almost anywhere anytime (You can ask my friend Jessi about how I made us take a nap in the car on the side streets of Memphis as we were waiting for the businesses to open on Good Friday.  Woo!  Spring break!  Later she told me she didn’t want to take a nap and that she didn’t sleep and I almost felt bad but I was too refreshed to think about it after that.)   I thank my dad for that; he’s a champion napper.

Well today was the third day this week that I took an at least 3 hour nap.  Like I said, I come from champion stock.

I also like to think I am somehow indirectly bonding with Smudge.  He and I have taken a while to really love each other.  Mostly because Smudge is in love with Adam.  I think he thinks Adam is his baby or his brother or maybe even his mom.  I don’t know but Smudge gets jealous of me, that I do know.  He just used to look at me kinda funny and pretty much ignore me and get irritated if Adam was giving me attention.  It took him a while to know who the head queen of this palace is.  That’s right, Smudge.  You better recognize!

See, Smudge is also a champion napper, so by napping I am signing his metaphorical yearbook with “2cool 2b 4 gotten ❤ bffs!”.  If there’s no sign of him, it’s pretty obvious the first place to check.  He is a kindred spirit with me in that he loves super soft blankets so I’ll often find him snuggled up in *ahem* my super soft blankets.  It’s ok.  I’ll share.

Part of the problem is that Smudge is a cave cat.  He goes to great lengths to get all up in those blankets to make himself a nap cave.  While I applaud his ingenuity and good taste, it is also a recipe for disaster.  I’m pretty sure he’s come pretty close to being smushed several times.  For this reason, Adam devised a plan.

I came home one day and found this on the bed:

It was done with a really cumbersome marker, people.  Give him a break!
It was done with a really cumbersome marker, people. Give him a break.

Adam is actually pretty artistic but to see this on the bed firstly made me confused about what in the world he meant, and secondly made me laugh until I almost peed my pants.  I didn’t though…

This was Adam’s way of ensuring the protection and privacy of Smudgey and I thought it was hilarious.

And it saved Smudge’s life that day.  The. End.

5 thoughts on “I’ve totally been pulling a Smudge at least 3 times this week.

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  1. You truly are a champion when it comes to napping! You’re also a big baby if you are sleepy! That’s why I let us take a nap that day in you’re car. It is also true that I didn’t sleep at all, but I usually can’t nap. That’s not you’re fault; it would appear that I’m not from champion stock… By the way, it was really awkward trying to nap parked in downtown Memphis. I felt exposed. At least I know that I could never live out of my car. Ah, memories! 🙂


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