Adam, it might be time to stop gaming so much or you might lose your hands.

  I like to hold hands.  It's true.  However, I do not enjoy holding hands if the other party involved has gross hands.  Usually this isn't the case with Adam, until one day........ Adam and I both enjoy playing the occasional frequent video games.  Sometimes his gaming causes him some stress and/or frustration, giving him... Continue Reading →

This isn’t a self-portrait but I wish it was – for what I’d be doing, not for having an over-sized head.

  This would totally motivate me, too. So I'm super tired (oh yeah, I usually type these up at night and save them to be posted in the morn) so all you're gonna get is a funny picture of a lady (me?) riding her bike (mine?) really fast to catch something very, very important. I... Continue Reading →

The Adventures of Cat Cat: The City Needs a Hero!

  But it's a LASER POINTER!!! I'm so excited to have been Freshly Pressed and have so many]\\\\\\\\\\  Sorry, that last bit was Duncan.  As I was saying, I am super excited to have so many visitors dropping by, sharing their cat stories, and perhaps even laughing with me so I'm not metaphorically walking alone... Continue Reading →

If I could, I’d probably let Duncan do the grocery shopping…he’d probably pick out some pretty good food.

  Duncan is food crazy.  This is common knowledge here on  However, some of you may not realize the severity of the situation. Duncan is a cat posessed.  In fact, I opened a string cheese not too long ago (looks like a piece-mealed dinner tonight!) and in typical Duncan fashion he was in the... Continue Reading →

Smudge is paving the way for cats who like footwear.

  Waaaaaay back last month when I posted about angry birds I made mention of Smudge and his lack of a driver's license.  Poor guy is stuck with Heelys.  Ok, so someone who would be taking a driver's test probably wouldn't wear Heelys....and neither would cats, but we'll just forget that part.  My cousin told me the... Continue Reading →

Flashback drawing: Please fasten your seatbelt. There’s going to be a little turbulence.

This is an older-ish drawing that remains one of my favorites.  Sorry if it's hard to follow, but I included some arrows if it helps.... I was flying somewhere doing something cool and ended up sitting next to a pudgy little kid, maybe about 5 years old.  He had on a hat that he thought... Continue Reading →

This is a must read for every misbehaving cat. Consider this post the Lifetime Move Network of cattoons.

  No one wants a lollipop stuck to them. Adam was at the doctor one day and said he saw a little cat scurrying about outside.  Interested to know more, since I have invaded his brain with cat curiosity in our time together, he watched to see what would happen. And it was....A SEWER CAT!... Continue Reading →

This is the only day that matters if you say, “I love you.” The rest don’t count.

  Happy Valentime's (on purpose...sounds more fun to say) Day, fools!  Either you are enjoying a surprise card that says "I choo-choo-choose you!" and a refrigerated rose from the grocery store or you are reading candy hearts to yourself over a Hot Pocket.  Or maybe you just don't really care.  Regardless, we can all recognize that this... Continue Reading →

Only read this post if you have friends. I guess that means I can’t read it…

  Which Golden Girl would YOU be? Thank you for being a friend...doo doo doo doooo....traveled 'round the world and back again.  Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant.  Doodoo dooo dooo doooo.  And if you threw a party, invited everyone you ever kneeeeew.  You would see the biggest gift would be... Continue Reading →

I might be crazy for Snuggies, but this dog has other fashion ideas in mind.

This cattoon dogtoon is inspired by a photo that my friends Sarah and Dave showed me of their dog Gabby.  Gabby usually isn't into fashion but she made an exception for a practical down vest Sarah put on her.  If I recall the story I was told, it went a little something like this.... "Hey,... Continue Reading →

Instead of yelling and taking it out on Adam, I shall just stare at this cattoon.

Smile! Or not, you jerk. This cattoon was spawned from a day where I think I was feeling a bit flustered and irritated - probably forgot when my return flight was and missed it...on two separate occasions.  True story, embarrassingly enough.  That's a long enough story, so I'll save it for later. But today, I kind of... Continue Reading →

All you need is a little passive aggressiveness in your life to live Duncanstyle.

It's pretty emphatic. When Duncan means business, he means business and he's not afraid to let you know.  Since he can only meow and can't really talk (although I suspect he practices at home when we're not around), he has a few other communication skills. In this case he calls upon the sheer power of... Continue Reading →

If Duncan went to school, he’d totally get at least a 3.25 GPA.

Good thing he doesn't really love garbage...or guns... Duncan is a pretty smart guy and often demonstrates this in interesting ways. He uses his head and can open doors...well, figuratively in that I'm sure he's using his head to think about it somewhat, and literally using his head to push doors open.  He hasn't figured... Continue Reading →

If you’re ever in a pickle and need a cat who can help(?), just call on Cat Cat!

  If you didn't know, I have a twitter account (I still don't really get it sometimes, but what they IS the 21st century after all.  I should be getting more involved with the Interwebs and all.) and my friend @blueda99 shared with me a fun tweet from @badbanana regarding, what else?  Cats. And... Continue Reading →

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Candygram… Well, at least it’s not a landshark.

  OMG! It has a key! One day we were coming home from the grocery store and we marched all the way up to the apartment to the delightful surprise of a GI-NORMOUS spider lurking in the corner in her/his(?) web of doom. Being a scienc-y and fairly nature-y person I really don't mind insects,... Continue Reading →

I’ve totally been pulling a Smudge at least 3 times this week.

I think I am perhaps battling some sort of illness, 'cause science knows I'm around enough germs all day long it's bound to happen.  Plus, I've been getting back into my old napping habits lately, so something must be up. My friends will probably laugh at me because I'm usually always tired and the first... Continue Reading →

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