Who likes pirates!?!?!? Well not the real Somali kind; they are scary.

Avast! Yargh! Scurvy!
Avast! Yargh! Scurvy!

Ok, so this is not really a cattoon nor is most of it my own creation.  I bought these pirate stickers because they were on sale, plus they’re really cool.  I had to find something sweet to do with them since my Trapper Keeper is already covered I really liked them and wanted to enjoy them – they have googly eyes!

Thus, this experiment in mixed media is brought to you today by the immature stickerphile.

But really, who doesn’t love a good sticker?  I remember growing up that stickers were the shiz in like 2nd through 5th grade.  I loved them and even had a sticker album.  For those of you uneducated in the ways of the pre-tween and tween girl, a sticker album is a place you stick your stickers.  Like a photo album.  But for stickers.   They can become interactive because they usually had a glossy finish to the page and you could remove one sticker on page 3 and place it onto page 7!  That way you could reorganize your stickers any way you wanted.  Categories, colors, animals, alphabetical.  Any. Way. You. Wanted.

But I am waaaaaaaaaay too scatterbrained and deficient in attention to do that.  And I didn’t have a lot of stickers.  So I just had a smattering of stickers on about the first 3 pages and maybe one halfway through and that was about it.

You see, stickers are ridiculously expensive.  So I never really had a lot.  Just the occasional sticker from the dentist or one that scented pickle one a friend gave me.  Or maybe if I was lucky I’d get a few sheets from a gift giving holiday.

I envied the girls who had whole boxes of stickers, specifically if they had Lisa Frank stickers or those cool animal ones (I can’t remember the company, but those were big time.  I remember they had mega stickers that were at least 3 inches.  When you are 8 a sticker that big is like a Natty Light when you are 18).

Alas, my sticker needs were not met when I was little so I attempt to relive those times when I see stickers I like now.  Well, not entirely.  I like to buy them for myself my classroom so I can share the joy I could have had with the children of the world who also may be sticker deprived.  It’s my charity of choice.

P.S. Adam pointed out that the island may just be floating with no base.  I had to inform him that that’s what islands do……

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