Nickname alert! Introducing the one, the only, Mr. Meows.


Duncan is such a manipulator.
Duncan is such a manipulator.

If you’ve been reading so far, you know that Duncan is food crazy like a tween is boy crazy.  He’s so crafty and this cattoon is how he tried to pull a fast one on Adam.

In his forever quest to obtain food, Duncan has learned a set of skills that aid him in his attempts at being a manipulator extraordinaire.  Why do the work when he thinks he can get us to do it for him?  Smart cat.

These talents include Duncan’s charm and panache.  Often he’ll sit with his feet turned out all awrkward (yes, I said awrkward) and use his leathery sweet meow to try and convince us it’s time to do what he wants us to do.  This ranges from getting him food to producing more pets.  No joke.  Stop petting him when he’s all situated in a lap and he’ll “mreh” us for a while until we pet him.  It’s very persuasive.

So Adam comes home and Duncan runs to the door as usual for his greeting/act 1 of his manipulation plan.  Duncan plays it cool with a rub and a good boy act that might fool the novice.  Act 2 is a meow that is supposed to work like a siren’s call but comes out more like a 60-year old smoking veteran who has glass stuck in their throat.  And that’s really it.  I mean, he is just a cat.

Adam’s response to this was, “What do you think you’re gonna get from me, Mr. Meows?”   Hence, a new nickname (that we really don’t use but it sounds funny saying we actually do).

4 thoughts on “Nickname alert! Introducing the one, the only, Mr. Meows.

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    1. But how can we make it better and elaborate on the simile? Duncan is food crazy like a tween is boy crazy; he drools for it both when he is awake and asleep and isn’t afraid to go after a less savory (pun intended!) option if it’s the only one available.

      Anyone, add a comment to improve this analogy!


  1. I just got a cat, and I never had a cat growing up. It is weird, and I think he does drugs. Probably. I think that’s really the only explanation for anything that he does. Awesome blog by the way. Great drawings!



    1. Thanks, Whitney! I’ve had cats my whole life but I can imagine that living with one for the first time can call into question either their or your sanity and/or personal life choices. On a side note…congratulations! You are the first person I don’t know to have commented on my blog. For that, I am going to dedicate tomorrow’s cattoon to your comment!


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