He’s really embarrassed I posted such a candid cattoon of him. He likes to be portrayed much more glamorously.


He's just big boned.
He’s just big boned.

I’ve observed that in our frigidly cold apartment the cats are quite adept at surviving.  Sure our apartment isn’t that cold but when you’re on the 3rd floor of a building you kind of root for science and expect the heat from below to come racing up and party with you all winter long.  It’s pretty good about doing that in the summer.  What the heck, heat?

Oh wait, it might be because we get a cool, refreshing breeze from between the windows and their frames and it’s questionably if there really is insulation.  When you touch the wall and it gives you frostbite it’s always a little concerning.

Smudge and Duncan have decided that they have a hard time wearing hats, sweater, robes, wool socks, and scarves like Adam and I do; plus they don’t really like to follow most fashion trends.  Instead they just look fat.  I like to attribute it to gluttony but Adam assures me that they’re both just fluffed up.

Smudge specifically has a winter look and it is not snow bunny or tundra chic; he is Fat Triangle Cat.  This is also very similar to Jabba the Hut.

Smudge is sweet but acts weird sometimes because he gets kind of anxious.  A lot of times this manifests as bug eyes, sharp awkward movements, and sitting frozen staring.  He does this in his Fat Triangle Cat pose and it only adds to the intensity – this is like Blue Steel, folks.  He has no neck and there is a beautiful line from his head to his…haunches?  legs?  be-hind?  whatever, that gives his the really elegant look of a fat triangle.  It’s quite stunning.

And just like Jabba the Hut his face seems to melt into his body.  He often sports that look when he’s sitting on a lap and his fat fur fluffs up.  It’s pretty hilarious.

So, I’m sorry Smudgey for showing the world your true look but we’ve all got to get past Photoshop and all the superficiality America loves and we’re paving new foundations this post.

3 thoughts on “He’s really embarrassed I posted such a candid cattoon of him. He likes to be portrayed much more glamorously.

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  1. This just might be my favorite so far. Your writing is sooooo funny! You have a gift! Thank you for using it for good, and not evil.


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