Flashback drawing: Caffeine is for champs!

Mmmm, caffeine.
Mmmm, caffeine.

This is a drawing that I did when I was first figuring out my cattoon style.  You can see some differences (like, seriously how did I not put whiskers on him?) but it’s still all Smudge.  This was one of the beginning drawings where the cats started to represent humans.  This specifically is Adam in Smudge form.  Spooky?  Creepy?  Cool.

Adam likes coffee.  He started to like it a whole lot.  Now he gets headaches and cranky if he doesn’t get any/enough.

This reminds me of another story.  Funny how that happens but if you know me, you know that my brain is kind of – oh, did you read that article about brains?  I think it mentioned zombies in it, too.  No nevermind, that was a movie. – so I tend to find and go on tangents very easily.

Back to the story – I had a French teacher in high school who couldn’t have been more than 4′ 10″, was Greek and had a fantastic accent, and had quirky mannerisms.  She had a mop of tight curly (permed?) brown hair, glasses, and fingers that were crooked and pointy – think of a character from a Roald Dahl book and that’s about right.  She used to move them kind of slowly and point at things and hand-talked a lot with them when she was trying to get us to pronounce the French better than as if we were trying to speak German.  We had a French culture day where we all brought food in and my friend and I made a carrot and 30 clove garlic soup.  Needless to say I learned that day what the difference between a head and clove of garlic was and nobody ate our soup except one girl who was either being nice or really liked garlic.  Our teacher’s son came in to speak to us about the French revolution (and was definitely not a teacher) and tons of kids fell asleep – I literally had to dig my nails into my arms and bit my cheeks to stay awake…but I did it!   Huzzah!  I also remember her dressing up for school on Halloween in a bright yellow Tweety Bird outfit.  Maybe I’ll draw a cattoon of her later…

Well she told us a story about how she was getting massive headaches and felt generally like garbage and was therefore rushed to the hospital and was on the gurney.  The doctors/paramedics/nurses/whoever were trying to help her and were shouting important things around and they tried to jab her with needles and give her medicine and all she could do was muster the strength to mutter weakly in her little Greek voice, “Caffeine.”

No one listened.

Again, more rushing and shouting and jabbing and once more, a little whisper of determination, “Caffeine.”

No one listened.

Ok, well I don’t really remember what happened then but as it turned out, she was just having severe caffeine withdrawals and they fixed her.

So Adam, don’t get all crazy with the coffee and if you do, don’t quit cold turkey or you might get a bunch of unnecessary needles and junk plunged emphatically into your body as you attempt to self-diagnose to medical professionals who may not be paying attention to you as you speak to them in your Greek accent.

Me, personally?  Caffeine gives me the shakes so I avoid it like the plague unless I really want a pop or something.

Bonus!  If you know OSU, where is this cattoon scene set?!?!  You have 10 seconds, go!  First one right gets a figurative pat on the back…unless you want to give yourself one or find a friend or friendly stranger to do it for you! AH!  Exclamation point take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Flashback drawing: Caffeine is for champs!

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  1. The funny thing is that both Adam and Smudge have whiskers, so you really missed it twice with this historic cattoon. I love it, it reminds me of the early Simpson’s cartoons where everything was all squiggly.


    1. Markus – you are the champion! And for that you may either administer your own pat on the back, ask Spikeum, Midori, Walter, or Jennifer to gently walk on your back, or wait until I see you next. There may be an interest-type phenonmenon that may happen so that the pat on the back may accrue to a full-on punch. I can’t guarantee…. But congrats!


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