The natural habitat of cats SHOULD be underwater.



I forget what the commercial for this self contained underwater breathing apparatus cat we were watching was actually trying to sell us (probably socks or something) because for me, as usual, I was not paying attention to that important detail of the ad.  It’s just like music; Adam was trying to be funny the other day and played a song about breaking up or something else hilarious and I just hummed along to the beat tapping my feet blissfully unaware of the faux-malice of his song choice.

That actually reminds me of another story…ok a little lead up is necessary.  I was in first grade, loving school and my part in it.  Apparently my part included getting up and walking around the room talking to other people.  A lot.

I don’t quite recall this but my mom thinks it’s because I was bored and needed something more stimulating.  I think it’s more because I was just annoying.

So anyway, my teacher had had enough (looks weird but it’s ok to use “had” like that in a row, right?) and came up with a plan to save her classroom.  It involved a desk, cardboard, and isolation.  Now, as a teacher I don’t agree with her choice of correcting my behavior but it’s pretty awesome in a story now.

So what she did was move my desk away from the other groups of kids so I only could look at the chalkboard.  To enforce this horse-in-blinders effect, she put a child-sized semi-perimeter around 3/4 of my desk so I could only see the board and so that the only way out was through my desk.


First grade was awesome.
First grade was awesome.

Well, I went home and told my mom about my new seat and said, “Boy, I’m sure glad Mrs. Conner put my desk away from the other kids’.  Now no one else can bother me.”  I totally thought this was a cool way to keep the other kids away from ME.  Because they apparently were really obnoxious when I was up not doing my work chatting to them probably about my cat.  Case in point about my missing the major details…just like in the commercial for a SCUBA cat.

But anyway, the cat looked miserable and it was funny seeing it in a pool just dangling there; and here is my cattoon about it.

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  1. HAHA our dog got a divider exactly like this – cardboard and all – his first day at obedience class. we could have been trying to shove steak down his throat and he couldn’t care less with all the other dogs around. also i am totally catching up on this blog instead of watching the state of the union — there’s probably a metaphor in there about why the country is in the crapper…


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