Duncan takes his food VERY seriously.


They mean business.
They mean business.

If Duncan has one job in this world, it is to procure food.  It nearly doesn’t matter what kind of food, as long as he get his paws or mouth to it.  Some cattoons in the future will showcase his favorites but this cattoon reflects on that Duncan demands food from us, mostly when it gets close to dinner at least an hour near dinner.   When his food conquest begins, he marches around the apartment  doing laps and knocking papers off tables/counters and follows us everywhere in the hopes that we might venture into the kitchen for his food.  Interestingly, Duncan gains a lackey in his determined state, a one Mr. Smudge, and they become an obsessed food-demanding crew that is a force to be reckoned with…or at least is moderately annoying.

P.S. I rescued Duncan from the Cat Welfare of Ohio in Columbus (hence his name in the cattoon).  Think about rescuing a cat TODAY! Or tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Duncan takes his food VERY seriously.

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  1. Walter (our new Siamese) is totally all about the food conquest. Only, he marches around and demands food every minute of every day. So far, we have found NOTHING that he won’t at least try. He’s eaten pancakes with syrup, Greek yogurt and even eggs and toast. He’s a little beastie.


    1. Hahahah, what is this? I do like the cats in the box. And boxes are fun. And I may have made a few cat houses out of boxes in my day. They may have had a few too many cats decorating them for my cat to really enjoy it without being creeped out. But there were flower boxes on the windows. Those are nice.


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