Some kids are just hungrier than others and harder to satisfy.


This is a true story.
This is a true story.

As the caption states, this is a completely true story, which makes it more ridiculous.  I was sitting at one of my favorite eating establishments grabbing a bit of food with probably Adam and my mom (can’t remember but that sounds about right).  It’s a small place so we were really close to other tables and there really weren’t too many people there, so it was kind of hard not to be all up in peoples’ business and eavesdropping was certainly inevitable.

Sitting next to us was a family consisting of what I can only assume to be a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, little brother, and a gorgeous princess-looking little girl about 4 or 5 years old in sweet ballerina duds and pink crocs.  It was a nice family outing after a wonderful recital where little Sally was probably making her parents and grandparents proud.

So anyway, I stopped staring creepily at that family and focused back on the story from Adam that I probably tuned out.   Everyone in the restaurant was enjoying themselves until I heard, “OW! NO. BITING,” and looked up to see this devil child in a ballerina’s costume biting her dad’s arm; not just a nibble either but a full-mouth-all-teeth chompfest.   Though dad is probably in agony with fangs in his arm I was definitely surprised by his calm response.  I only wish he’d get up and try to wiggle her off like in the cattoon.  I think he just removed his arm slowly.   Her mom just looked at her and slowly shakes her head and emphatically says, “VEEEEERY disappointing.”  She must have thought a kid who would full on bite an arm would care that she just disappointed her parents.

I guess in hindsight it isn’t all that ridiculous but if I read this story again and replaced “little ballerina girl” with “pet doggy” it could have easily worked.

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