“Alex, I’ll take Regional Delicacies for 2000.” “For 2000 points, this delicacy is found mostly in the south in the wintertime.”



Why else would all the bread and milk sell out?
Why else would all the bread and milk sell out?

So living in the south has opened my eyes to a few differences in culture than back up north.  There’s a fast food restaurant called Bojangles, when kids say they play hockey they mean roller hockey, and people FLIP OUT at word of any winter precipitation.  This includes but is not exclusive of extreme excitement/concern, emergence of poor winter driving skills, and apparent stockpiling of groceries.  However, it seems that no one is too concerned with stocking up on apples or string cheese; groceries stores run out of milk and bread specifically.  So much so that a local dairy farm had to go into high production mode and wasn’t able to turn out any skim milk (which I learned is because to produce skim milk they need to shut down all the machines, clean them of any milk fat and start them all up again to process the skim milk…interesting fact of the day!).  So in my head, this is what people are doing as they are locked up at home when it snows (or ices as the case is often here in NC).

If this were Jeopardy you’d totally win the daily double with…”What is milk sandwiches?”

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  1. OMG so true! when I lived in VA the stores would sell out of bread and milk days before the snow was supposed to start. then by noon of the snowday everything was usually melted…
    Great blog Lindsay – you crack me up as always 🙂

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