For those of you motivated to shed a few pounds as your new year’s resolution, I introduce to you…

Inspired by Tony Horton.  All Duncan.
Inspired by Tony Horton. All Duncan.

As promised, here is the cattoon advertisement for Duncan’s new gym.  You should really check it out if you’re serious about losing a few el-bees (and don’t ask me why but I really love strikeouts – it’s like an invitation to be super corny and obvious and I love it).

Duncan, as mentioned in yesterday’s post, really has a knack at training humans as he demonstrated in various ways throughout our training sessions.  Showcased here are his top picks (award winning, too, wouldn’t you know) that I’m sure you might even recognize in your own cats.  Duncan and his brother Smudge are both really into the Half-Pushup.  They rarely get tired and could practically stay there all day like that.  All I can say is that I’m impressed – you try a half-plank pose for like 20 minutes and come back to me afterward.  However, one of my favorite moves is the Step-up vs. Jump up.  Duncan has been excellent in showing us how to do this move; he’s very dedicated to it, although since his diabetes saga (more on that later) he has lost a few more pounds and has preferred the Jump-up instead of the old stand by the Step-up.

“Bring the Blam!” refers to Adam’s and my favorite local on the P90X DVDs, Pam the Blam.  Mostly we love how Tony calls her Pam the Blam as well as how talks to her and attempts to make her laugh…and then her general disregard of all things Tony.

So to wrap this up, Duncan is serious about working out (and Adam and I really like the silliness that P90X has brought into our conversations even to this day. Thank you, Tony Horton.).

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