After I chose to post this drawing, all I can hear are the Go-Go’s in my head. Thanks, me.

I're excited about beets, too. Just another trip home for a family get together; family, friends, Cleveland clouds, nothing to do, lots of driving around to visit people - but there's something missing.  That's right.  The beets. Adam's mom needed beets for the holiday meal and there were none in the store and it... Continue Reading →

Coincidence? Or is Adam in cahoots with a logic puzzle book? And if so, I’d like to see some royalties, please.

  Tickets only $12! This September Adam and I tied the knot and went on a splendid honeymoon that was a little less than traditional.  We decided to head to Maine and go on a windjammer boat!  It sounded adventurous, filled with nature, and we thought we were going to be sailors by the end... Continue Reading →

Cats must really like reading because this happens EVERY time. Warning: run on sentence alert!

  You're so smug. Imagine the evening like any other where you snuggle into bed, after brushing your teeth and taking out your contacts, of course.  You set your 3 alarms for the morning since you are lazy and grab that library book that's there next to your eye mask and headlamp.  Only you... Continue Reading →

This post contains false pretenses, drugs, and cats.

  Smudge makes more sense like this. I was pumped yesterday when I got my first comment yesterday from someone I don't know.  In honor of her kind words and this momentous occasion in, I bring you my cattoon inspired by her comment. Duncan and Smudge both actually really like catnip (as evidenced by... Continue Reading →

He’s really embarrassed I posted such a candid cattoon of him. He likes to be portrayed much more glamorously.

  He's just big boned. I've observed that in our frigidly cold apartment the cats are quite adept at surviving.  Sure our apartment isn't that cold but when you're on the 3rd floor of a building you kind of root for science and expect the heat from below to come racing up and party with... Continue Reading →

The natural habitat of cats SHOULD be underwater.

  Sigh... I forget what the commercial for this self contained underwater breathing apparatus cat we were watching was actually trying to sell us (probably socks or something) because for me, as usual, I was not paying attention to that important detail of the ad.  It's just like music; Adam was trying to be funny... Continue Reading →

Some kids are just hungrier than others and harder to satisfy.

  As the caption states, this is a completely true story, which makes it more ridiculous.  I was sitting at one of my favorite eating establishments grabbing a bit of food with probably Adam and my mom (can't remember but that sounds about right).  It's a small place so we were really close to other... Continue Reading →

Surprise! It’s not always gonna be cats! Well, truth be told it will be mostly cats. But today it’s Paris Hilton!

This would have been the shirt of 2005. So I was talking with my brother the other day and somehow we got talking about his brilliant t-shirt idea that would have been a big money maker back in the mid-2000s*: Paris Hilton with "That's Hot"...but she's ON FIRE!  So it's literal.  And not just metaphorical.... Continue Reading →

“Alex, I’ll take Regional Delicacies for 2000.” “For 2000 points, this delicacy is found mostly in the south in the wintertime.”

  Why else would all the bread and milk sell out? So living in the south has opened my eyes to a few differences in culture than back up north.  There's a fast food restaurant called Bojangles, when kids say they play hockey they mean roller hockey, and people FLIP OUT at word of any... Continue Reading →

For those of you motivated to shed a few pounds as your new year’s resolution, I introduce to you…

As promised, here is the cattoon advertisement for Duncan's new gym.  You should really check it out if you're serious about losing a few el-bees (and don't ask me why but I really love strikeouts - it's like an invitation to be super corny and obvious and I love it). Duncan, as mentioned in yesterday's... Continue Reading →

Smudge likes to keep it old timey.

  It took him years to look this good. So, this really is pretty self-explanatory.  If not, see image below. Ok, and I took a few liberties to help him with his embarrassing moustache imbalance but we don't like to talk about that with him (he gets very self-conscious). Fun fact!: His trademark "moustache" blob is indeed the... Continue Reading →

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