Waves and Their Doors


We were in the car and Hazel and I were talking about going to the beach. She was telling me how the ocean waves take sand away and I said how they can leave sand there, too. She then told me that ocean waves open a door and the sand comes out. So here you have it, ladies and gentlemen, an ocean wave opening its door to let out sand.


Yoga Clothes Matter



Adam was doing yoga upstairs and Hazel really wanted to join in. Before that could happen, she had to change her outfit. This included:

  • a Hello Kitty swim suit;
  • a purple tulle tutu; and
  • a pair of purple and pink goggles.

Because…obviously. So the next time you feel the call to exercise, remember how important your look is.




Hazel is now a little over 2.5. She’s funny and imaginative and I’m feeling inspired to draw based on her toddler creativity! She’s really into Diego and calls herself that all the time, and insists we do, too. I get to be Alicia and her dad is “Baby Jaguar.”

So Diego just started going to a (pre)pre-school and is making new friends. She came home and was listing off names for her stuffed animals. One of those names was “Josep.” ¬†I think she meant Joseph, but whatever.

This turned into Hazel creating an imaginary monster friend named Josep. He’s purple (her favorite color) and he’s a nice and funny monster. Here are a few quick sketches of Josep and Diego having fun!

Trudith does NOT do summer



So, summer is here pretty much and I’m off school. To really mix things up, we don’t really have internet right now so I’ve almost finished three books in the last week (and no, not just picture books for Hazel!). Well go figure, the batteries died on my phone and my Kindle was nowhere to be seen. So being a product of the elder-Millenials and currently reading e-books only, and also not wanting to make a concerted effort to charge my phone near me, I decided to put technology aside and draw. It’s been so long! Especially drawing with paper and pencil. But so fun!

So here’s Trudith, who (whom?) you might remember from a long time ago, and her cat  (whose name I forget and I’ll have to go back on previous posts to figure that one out). Yesterday here was supremely hot and humid – we’re taking 90F, people. I decided that Trudith does not do summer and neither does her cat.

Enjoy!  I think more Trudith might be on the way because I think she’ll have some great adventures planned this summer. Then again, it’s entirely possible once I get internet up and running again that I’ll just get distracted by Netflix. The excitement is in the gamble!

Catnip Farms



So I decided to draw a little about what Duncan would do if he won that Powerball lottery. He definitely would start his own catnip farm and since he’s such a down-to-earth kind of cat he would work this farm. Now, being as it’s a catnip farm he would also most definitely not really work but would end up in a catnip coma out in the fields, rolling around, basking in the sunshine. So inevitably the farm would fail and his dream of being a farmer would be short-lived. He, of course, would be a multi-millionaire after having won the lottery so he wouldn’t really mind. All in all, a pretty good life experience and he gets some great coveralls out of the deal.

Purple Elephants




So life got busy and rich cats fell by the wayside, but tonight my daughter said this gem on the car ride to play at gym class. Out of nowhere, I hear, “I really like elephants. I want a purple one to ride on as a friend.” Needless to say, I will begin the search immediately because it was way too cute and I kind of want to see her ride a purple elephant.

Begin Dream Sequence



Well, unfortunately for the cats (and me, and nearly everyone else)……they didn’t win the big Powerball lottery. However, I feel like Duncan and Smudge would want to explore what would happen if they became billionaires. Because, really, why not? Didn’t everyone have a plan in their heads if when they win? I know I did. Aside from the usual bigger house, new car, shopping spree, maybe a vacation or two, twenty miniature horses, personal golf cart fleet, luxurious comfort clothes collection for all my lounging needs, personal chef for delicious meals that I don’t have to make and don’t have to grocery shop for, etc., I really wouldn’t want to change my life too much. But the cats….the cats….they would be delirious with the possibility due to their new-found riches. What would they do? These dream sequence posts will explore what the cats would have done if they would have been big winners. Stay tuned!


Powerball anyone?



So the cats are really interested in becoming billionaires. Can you call it being a billionaire if it’s only 1.5 billion? Well, regardless, the cats are searching the coin jar to get a ticket they can share. They said that if they win they’d share the winnings and give me a small cut. I thought that was nice of them, so I let them continue searching for coins in my coin jar and let them think it’s theirs. ūüôā

Good luck if you bought your lottery tickets! Smudge and Duncan are pretty convinced they’re lucky tonight. We shall soon see!!

Hey, Baby Hazel! Go away now.



So just about 2 months ago little baby Hazel came to play! Big excitement for all of us and a definite chaos element to her arrival, but for the cats the excitement tended to seem just like chaos. So here is baby Hazel if she were a kitten, haha, and my representation of the cats’ reactions to her.

Duncan is just incredulous, like, what is this thing? When she cries….and she does that quite a bit….he used to do a big-eyed run between Adam and me, seemingly trying to say something like, “Are you gonna stop it? Who’s gonna stop this thing? You guys do hear that, right? It’s not just me. So why haven’t you stopped it yet??” He more or less ignores her now and even has taken to sitting on my lap while I hold her.

Smudge was pretty much missing for most of the first month. His normal hangout is the bed upstairs but he decided that under the bed is the best spot for him most days. He’s gotten back to just sitting on the bed, but if Hazel starts screaming it’s back to his cave dwelling under the bed.

So anyway, here’s a picture of the real baby, who is not a kitten.


Caption this.



Duncan is often seen in this pose. But what could he be doing?? Here are a few apropos captions that could very well describe what he’s doing.

1. Duncan is dipping his paw into his water dish to test the waters. Yes, there’s water in there, you can drink like a regular cat now.

2. Duncan is poised over his brother Smudge issuing a series of repeated bops to the head. Yes, Smudge was probably chasing him first but just rolls over on his side and takes said head bops like a chump champ.

3. Duncan has sneaked up closer and closer to my food plate, so slowly I almost didn’t notice. Like a ninja, his paw stealthily finds its victim, a renegade french fry or any food bit, really. But of course I notice it because I’m not giving up my dang food, so I’m sorry, Duncan. But you’ll have to use your cobra paw any other day.

4. My favorite: In an attempt to get his morning breakfast on his time table, he finds his slack-jawed, mouth breathing, sleeping cat mom (me) and tries to put his paw in my mouth to wake me up. Yes, it usually works.

Marker Moustache



I’m not exactly sure how it transpired but it was magnificent. I was grading papers with a marker and somehow Adam got silly and tried to harass me. So in self-defense only, I gave him half of a (washable!) marker moustache. And I even gave it a little flair with a curl. He looked wonderful with a half of a curled green moustache on top of his beard he already sports.

Adam’s a tortoise



I thought it was just a college guy thing when we first started dating. Adam would always be dancing the line of being late and being really late. I figured, eh, whatever.

We’ll this has not changed and I end up turning into a nag because I hate being late. Likes sweaty palms anxiety hate.

Cue tv-like drama.

So the other day Adam was running on his own schedule again and I was getting annoying, as usual (note: I was actually both annoyed and annoying). I called him out on it, once I realized that this was never going to change, and I decided that Adam is like a tortoise slowly eating a little piece of lettuce. I think he agreed to my analogy. So this is Adam as a tortoise.

Everyone’s invited!



Firstly, I was planning on this just being a quick sketch I might try to improve upon later but it looked too funny to do anything more with. Haha

Adam was playing with Smudge but Duncan kept meowing. Move forward a minute or so and I see this – Adam carrying a soothed Duncan while dragging around a pink feather toy for Mr. Smudge to play with and chase. And like a flash, the trio passed and I was left amused.

New Views



We decided to “catify” the house a little by giving the cats a few more places to explore. We took off some things from the top of a bookshelf so the cat-os can see the room from a different view. Duncan was instantly drawn to the mirror on the wall and started taking in the world from the mirror. Not particularly all that cute or funny……but it was.

King of the Cat Climber



Duncan has been exploring several of Smudge’s spots in the house. Yes, I know that cats are territorial and have their own spaces, but Smudge has been quite rude about it all. Duncan will hang out on the cat bed or up on the top level of the cat climber, minding his own business, when Smudge suddenly tries to disrupt him. Inevitably this includes nipping at back legs and each other, with the final result of Smudge winning out and Duncan hopping off to find some respite. Perhaps this is unfair of me, but Smudge is such a jerk!

Kiss From A Rose


There was this ridiculous video I found on Reddit of a drunk guy serenading his cat to the Seal song “Kiss From A Rose.” The guy was honestly pretty good….and I about died laughing, or rather trying not to laugh. I was watching it on my phone in bed and Adam was sleeping, haha. So after I show Adam this he cracks up too.


Fast forward to a few hours later. Adam is not drunk but decides to recreate the scene with Smudge, who is technically Adam’s baby and loves him a lot but is also notoriously a scaredy cat. Cue the music. Smudge starts to squirm around, while Adam does his best Seal impersonation. Suddenly, Smudge squats down and does a barrel roll away from Adam and I’m sure he is about to make his move and sprint away.

Instead he does this.


And just relaxes in the luxuriation of a song from his dad. Typical.

Why are you so weird?, Part Deux



The story continues….

Shortly after I posted yesterday’s cartoon, I walked into the kitchen to this. Was Duncan emulating his smudged brother? Did he feel left out? Did he find some flour or powdered sugar?

No. Duncan, in his quest for claiming/loving everything he loves, found the paint on the wall or paint tray that Adam was using I the basement as he was priming the walls down there. Seriously Duncan? Paint? What is with you?!? Why would you rub yourself on wet paint?

I tried to get some off and succeeded in sparing his little chin of his embarrassing mark but wasn’t able to get it completely off his lip (do cats have lips?). He had to live with that little reminder….for at least a day or so until it came off. Luckily for him most of it is off already this morning!

Why are you so weird?



I finished off a bag of delicious baby carrots and had the bag sitting on the coffee table…lazy, I know. Anyway, Duncan comes along and begins his ritual display of affection for inanimate objects. Actually as I am typing this he’s doing it again. He schmears his head on the object repeatedly and profusely for minutes on end. I posted something about this a while ago I with strawberries, but he’s at it again and I had to make reference of it. Because. It’s. Just. So. Weird. He loves doing this produce; bags of veggies or fruit are his new best friends. But not only that but he loves electronics, too. Although, he’s particular about what electronics he demonstrates his love towards. He will help out Adam when he is doing work in the basement or wherever, never afraid of the power tool noises (unless there is a vacuum, then forget about it), and will rub his head on the electric drill. At least, he does it to the drill until the drill falls over on its side. Then he’ll keep going with the he fallen drill. He’ll also do this to the power strip on the floor of the bedroom when I am getting ready. So weird. But I love him. Perhaps because of his weird quirks.

What is it with boxes?



So I got something in the mail and it came in a nicely sized box. So obviously, the cats were immediately interested. Duncan jumps in….and sits. Just sits. For like 5 minutes. Now I know that’s probably not a cat record but it was weird all the same. He didn’t lay down, he didn’t do anything, he just sat in a box. We’ll once he finished his sit, he left….and Smudge came by and did the same thing. He just sat there in the the middle of the box. Eventually Duncan was sitting outside of the he box looking at it, and Smudge was inside sitting facing toward Duncan. The box was just tall enough that they couldn’t see each other but I knew they had cat brother sense and were sharing some sort of cat sitting bond. Brothers.

Holidays are for family







So I got a pretty cool gift this holiday season – an iPad! I am going to try and draw on it more since I’ve been a big slacker and haven’t done a lot in a long time. Here are a few I made with the Paper app, which is really nice. Plus a fun bonus surprise coming March 31st! ¬†And if that made no sense…it’s a baby!


He totally knows what he's doing.

He totally knows what he’s doing.

I titled this “What.” This was intentionally not a question but a rhetorical statement (can you even do that?). ¬†Duncan KNOWS he is not supposed to march on countertops or tables but he is also stubborn, too smart for his own good, and stubborn. ¬†And a jerk. ¬†We’ll snap and “chuch” him (say the word, you’ll know what I mean) and he’ll hop off only to rebound from his scolding with another quick trip to the table or wherever else he isn’t supposed to be. ¬†I suppose I love his tenacity but it’s annoying and a little gross. ¬†Oh, Duncan, how you vex me.

I think I’m in a “fat cat” stage.

So content.

So content.

I’m in a fat cat phase…but it has NOTHING to do with Duncan’s and Smudge’s weight. ¬†(Now that I’ve covered myself and they have no idea for my inspiration…). ¬†I found this fat cat luxuriating in some overalls. ¬†I don’t think I quite captured the stuffed sausage look, but it’s pretty close ūüôā

Duncan, you’re simply incorrigible.



So we got these plastic snack balls where you put dry food in and it’s supposed be hours minutes seconds of fun where they push it around and little food bits fall out to their delight.¬† Needless to say, Smudge ended up sitting and watching Duncan enjoy the food ball thing.¬† I tried to tell Duncan no and passed the ball to Smudge…guess who had it when I looked back.

Just a man and his dog.

Hello, good sir.

Hello, good sir.

Oh my gosh, I’ve been busy. ¬†Literally sitting at my computer from the time I come home to when I go to bed getting ready for work and doing college coursework. ¬†Sorry! ¬†I know it’s been excuse city around here, and I hope this summer to have some more time to get back to drawing. ¬†Promises, promises, I know.

But anyway, here is a “commissioned” piece I did for my cousin Kaitlyn’s boyfriend Tom and his dog Henley. ¬†They¬†are¬†truly¬†gentlemen.

“One Day at the Beach”

I'll just lay here while you romp.

I’ll just lay here while you romp.

So I found this picture on Reddit and felt inspired to draw it. ¬†‘Cause it’s funny. ¬†And cute. ¬†And I liked the color of the sky. ¬†Enjoy!


Oh, I’m sorry. Were you trying to use this?

I'm sorry, were you trying to use this?

I’m sorry, were you trying to use this?

As I sit trying to finish up some college class stuff, of course Duncan just decides to lay pretty much on the keyboard of my laptop. ¬†He’s done it enough that we have a thing now where I move the laptop to my knees and he gets to lay close to me. ¬†It’s not that bad and at least he doesn’t try to march around on the keyboard anymore.


Call the police…I’ve been robbed

Stolen Yogurt

Stolen Yogurt

The other day, Adam came home, walked in the door, and before I could even see him I hear him say in a nonchalant voice, “Call the police…I’ve been robbed.” It turns out that when he was talking on the phone with me when he was at the grocery store, and when he got to the register he was a yogurt short. He thinks that the lady standing next to him stole the yogurt from his cart since he took the last strawberry yogurt. He’s taking Duncan as his attack cat next time. ¬†I decided she would be a sneaky lady who couldn’t stand to be without her “fav” 100 calorie yogurt in strawberry so she swiped it and power-walked her way outta there.

Duncan loves what he loves

They're MINE!

They’re MINE!

So Adam came home today and put his keys and wallet on the floor. ¬†As he was taking off his boots, Duncan decided to just lay down and rub his little cat head all over the wallet and keys. ¬†I wasn’t sure if the message was that he loved the wallet and keys or he was excited his dad was home and couldn’t contain himself.

A little pun never hurt anyone…


Gourdi LaForge

So I’ve gotten Adam hooked onto Star Trek the Next Generation. ¬†We love it. ¬†And we have a love-hate relationship with goofy old Geordi La Forge (which I found out today is this strange spelling…look it up!). ¬†His awful humor and one-liners kill me but his Coco No-Nos on the beach (and I want to serve them now) and good-heartedness help me tolerate his character. ¬†So anyway, I went downstairs the other day with a note and word bubble from Gourdi La Forge, a la Adam.

Smudge is Scared of Sandy



As I’m sitting here at my pal’s house (who has power) finishing this drawing from yesterday, I think I should have been more scared of the wind like poor ol’ Smudge here. ¬†I hope the power comes back on soon or it might be a sleep over for a few days!

rawr. do your work.


rawr. do your work.

So I’ve started to bring my drawing tablet to school. ¬†It’s awesome to make my projector kind of into an interactive-type thing. ¬†I’ve been able to emphasize things, draw images, and take notes with the kids. ¬†But I’ve also used it for a bit of fun. ¬†At the end of the day I have a study hall so while they were coming into class I made this little guy. They said it looked like a lizard…which I suppose it does. ūüôā ¬†But I hope it scared them into doing their work. ¬†rawr.


Hi, friends.  Adam sent me a hilarious picture of a little dog.   We like funny looking animals.  So I was playing on my phone and adjusted it a bit.   Enjoy!

Birthday Boy

It’s a birthday boy!

Hipster Dog

I totally knew about this dog, like, months ago before anyone else knew about it…


He’s a balla, yo.



Funny Little Dog: A Variation on a Theme

Oodles of Doodles



Ok, so I have been in a bit of a creative funk lately but it’s starting to come back! ¬†Starting with these doodles. ¬†As I was mindlessly watching Dropdead Diva I doodled these doodles, which I figured I would share since it’s about all the drawing I’ve been doing. ¬†BUT….it got the rust off the old brain, so to speak.

Some highlights…

  • A cat sitting on a stool (unfortunately NOT how Ducan sits on stools. ¬†I think I’d freak the geek out if I saw him sitting like this.)
  • Mini-Adam on a bike.
  • Little fruit peoples
  • A plunger with eyes.
  • Duncan as a grifter selling his wares. ¬†This came up as I was talking with Adam’s cousin Sam about our newly painted basement, half of which is purple, and we collectively decided somehow that Duncan and Smudge could sell purple items out of it. ¬†Don’t ask. ¬†But it made total sense to both of us – guess that shows that 1) great minds think alike and 2) we both might be a little weird.

Adam: “Did you trace that or freehand it…because I’ve never seen you draw anything that well before.” Um….thanks?


So I’ve been working at a day camp and during free time a kid and I started drawing and she asked me to draw her something. ¬†So, I did and she liked it and asked for Hello Kitty. ¬†I told her I can’t do it from memory and needed a picture so we got a Sponge Bob puzzle instead and I did Sponge Bob and Patrick from it and that got the ball rolling and pretty much I was drawing for kids for a bunch of the rest of the day.

Of Mario, Sonic, a dragon, some puppies, Alvin and Theodore from the Chipmunks, some random monsters, Deadpool, and some more, here are two that I would like to share.

And yes, Adam, I DID freehand it.  I just had the image on the screen of the computer and went to town drawing on paper.

This is Deadpool, and anti-hero that my step-sisters loves so I knew about him when a girl asked me to draw it for her dad. ¬†So, here’s where I found it. ¬†I totally don’t know if that’s the artist or not.

This is a drawing of a drawing.

This is a drawing of a drawing.

And here is Paper Mario also from an image online that I looked at when I was drawing.

It's me....Mario

It’s me…Mario!

Some cats just want to choose their own names.

You can call me Dakota but I won't respond

You can call me Dakota but I won’t respond

So my friends Emily and Brett have a pretend pet cat. ¬†Pretend pet cat, you ask? ¬†Well, it’s just that he comes around and is super friendly. ¬†His real name is Dakota, but they’ve given him a new name…and he has accepted it.

I honestly don’t know how the name change started, but I’d like to think that he sent some sort of cat telepathy to them and convinced him that Jonesy is his real name.

But really….think about it. ¬†You have a pet. ¬†Your pet likes to wander and is rather friendly. ¬†All the sudden you see your neighbor calling to you cat with a new name. ¬†Kinda weird, right? ¬†I guess you can’t control what a cat wants to be called.

Life lesson right here, people.

“The Change” is beginning…

How embarrassing...

How embarrassing…

So I’ve begun to let myself go and the URL of this blog is becoming more misleading. ¬†I realize lately that I totally go places (work included) with cat fur on my clothes and am not specifically aware of it….nor do I really care – until I realize I have stupid cat fur all over me and I feel the social implications hurrying around my brain telling me that I’ll look like a true crazy cat lady if I don’t make a loop of scotch tape and furiously start rolling my clothes clean.

This has also led me on a brushing crusade with Duncan and Smudge with the intent to solve the root problem. ¬†Because, you know, it’s not really my fault that I don’t want to clean the fur off my clothes when I decide to leave the house; it’s all theirs. ¬†Sorry cats, it’s just easier this way.

Hello, again!

Get hip to the nip.

Get hip to the nip.

Oooooooooook. ¬†I’m back. ¬†Yes, I am here and moved in to our newly fixed up little house. ¬†So hello, again!

Firstly, we’ve been working super hard on getting our house all fixed up….like 3-5 days a week after work and almost all weekend every weekend since January. ¬†I know, right? ¬†I totally didn’t imagine that we were going to have to do so much but it was totally worth it and now we’ve got a cool little bungalow all our own!

I have missed drawing (and the lack of practice will show in the next few upcoming posts, yikes) but I am proud to say that I believe I will be back to some sort of regular drawing schedule.  I hope.

I thought it would be fitting to tie in the house with the blog, so here I have a true story from today. ¬†Duncan and Smudge have adjusted pretty well to life here but Smudge is still fairly nervous, as usual. ¬†So our lovely neighbor stopped by and must have seen the cats peepin’ out the window once or twice because she brought us fresh catnip from her garden. ¬†How, we were also the lucky recipient of a package of catnip seeds from our friends, but haven’t gotten around to planting them yet. ¬†But we’d better do it quick because the catnip was a huge success…..sort of.

Duncan, the crazy, food-begging, fake-plant-chewing one was completely uninterested beyond a sniff and chose to go to his gross orange stick toy with the nasty dried catnip in it.

Smudge, on the other hand, went BANANAS for it!!  I was shocked.  He ate it up as fast as we could give it to him.

So that’s what this drawing is all about. ¬†Lame old Duncan sitting by his favorite toy and Smudgie rejoicing in the pleasure of a good fresh treat.

I really had no idea of the power of fresh catnip. ¬†Later today we went to visit little Norman (my brother’s cat, if you remember), since they now live down the street from us, and he was even more nuts about it. ¬†He was rolling all around on the floor seemingly trying to get more catnip from the wood floor. ¬†It was entertaining to say the least.

Anyway, sorry this has been so long overdue but be prepared for more cattoons in the future!!

A little fresh air and rock climbing is all Trudith and Percival need.


Hang on, Percival!

Adam and I used to rock climb at a gym in Raleigh and we both really miss it. ¬†So here is my homage to that….with Trudith and Percival really showing off their stuff bouldering. ¬†This might be one of my favorite drawings of all time, actually.

My favorite part is….can you guess? ¬†Ok, I’ll tell you: the ant at the bottom and how close Percival is to the ground. ¬†I crack myself up.

Trudith likes a good adventure.

Trudith is modest and practical in her swimwear choices.

Trudith is modest and practical in her swimwear choices.

Did you know that Trudith likes to go snorkeling? ¬†And it’s not just her. ¬†Her kitty loves a good adventure, too. ¬†Can’t you tell? ¬†And I think the cat has a name now….thanks to a nice blend by Nora combining Jessi, Matt, and her own suggestion, the cat is named¬†Sir Percival Chauncy Fuzbluffen. ¬†He oftentimes goes by Percival in less formal situations but likes to mix it up in other social circles. ¬†And I lied…he hates a good adventure.

Doesn’t everyone like an umbrella hat?

Why just sit around the house when you can sit around outside under a parasol?

Why just sit around the house when you can sit around outside under a parasol?

Trudith isn’t just an old fuddy duddy who sits around her house in the sitting room all day long. ¬†She and her cat enjoy a good outing at the park.

P.S. ¬†I totally had one of those umbrella hats that I recall buying on vacation in Florida….and it was awesome. ¬†Well, awesome when I wore it outside for 3 hours¬†straight¬†when I first bought it in Florida and the few minutes I wore it in the house later when I found it while cleaning my room.

Trudith always eats like a lady.

And her cat dutifully waits for her to finish.

And her cat dutifully waits for her to finish.

So her is Trudith again.  This time she really shows her class and graceful nature.  She always eats like a lady.

Trudith loves chatting with her gal pals.

She's got the gift of gab.

She's got the gift of gab.

Trudith loves a good chat with her gal pals, and her cat does, too. ¬†I still haven’t decided on a name yet. ¬†Maybe I’ll just leave him/her/it nameless and let you choose your favorite. ¬†It might be more fun that way (What a cop out! I should just make a decision.).

Trudith and her cat (still unnamed as of yet) like to just hang out sometimes.

Just doing her thang.

Just doing her thang.

Thanks for all the cat name suggestions. ¬†Trudith hasn’t told me yet which is the right one, though.

But anyway, here they are just chillin’….’cause that’s what Trudith does.

Her name is Trudith Hortencia Grimmsbottom.

It's never Trudy.

It's never Trudy.


I decided to draw this lovely lady on paper instead to see how she would turn out and I have begun to draw here in a bunch of situations.  She now has a name, as you saw in the title, and she NEVER goes by Trudy.

I haven’t decided on a name for her cat yet….any thoughts?

I like to pretend…

Sooo much fun!

Sooo much fun!

I was reading a comment on a website where someone was trying to be funny (I think) and said they like to pretend that their bed is an island that they and their cats are stuck on it.  So here is my rendition because that was too funny not to draw.  Cats, of course, would not be amused by this at all.

I also added the pirate hat for my own amusement.

And no.  This was not my own comment and I have not done this.  Yet.

I think Duncan and Smudge need to make a trip to get this manicure.


So first, we’ve been totally wrapped up in house stuff and not to throw excuses all over…but I will anyway. ¬†I’m mega-bummed that I haven’t had the energy and drive to get more cattoons done. ¬†Don’t worry, I will not disappear for too long but don’t expect anything prolific for the next few weeks, anyway. ¬†ūüôā

My cousin, who I featured on my blog earlier, made a shout out to Duncan and Smudge with her own cattoon inspired nail design. ¬†I know I am slacking on putting up my own cattoons and should totally add a cattoon to this…but I’m tired and this was too cool not to share. ¬†ūüėČ Enjoy!


Nails never looked so good.

Nails never looked so good.

I literally lol’d (and I never use that phrase but in the most extraordinary of circumstances, and this is one of those momentous occasions).