Caption this.



Duncan is often seen in this pose. But what could he be doing?? Here are a few apropos captions that could very well describe what he’s doing.

1. Duncan is dipping his paw into his water dish to test the waters. Yes, there’s water in there, you can drink like a regular cat now.

2. Duncan is poised over his brother Smudge issuing a series of repeated bops to the head. Yes, Smudge was probably chasing him first but just rolls over on his side and takes said head bops like a chump champ.

3. Duncan has sneaked up closer and closer to my food plate, so slowly I almost didn’t notice. Like a ninja, his paw stealthily finds its victim, a renegade french fry or any food bit, really. But of course I notice it because I’m not giving up my dang food, so I’m sorry, Duncan. But you’ll have to use your cobra paw any other day.

4. My favorite: In an attempt to get his morning breakfast on his time table, he finds his slack-jawed, mouth breathing, sleeping cat mom (me) and tries to put his paw in my mouth to wake me up. Yes, it usually works.

Marker Moustache



I’m not exactly sure how it transpired but it was magnificent. I was grading papers with a marker and somehow Adam got silly and tried to harass me. So in self-defense only, I gave him half of a (washable!) marker moustache. And I even gave it a little flair with a curl. He looked wonderful with a half of a curled green moustache on top of his beard he already sports.

Adam’s a tortoise



I thought it was just a college guy thing when we first started dating. Adam would always be dancing the line of being late and being really late. I figured, eh, whatever.

We’ll this has not changed and I end up turning into a nag because I hate being late. Likes sweaty palms anxiety hate.

Cue tv-like drama.

So the other day Adam was running on his own schedule again and I was getting annoying, as usual (note: I was actually both annoyed and annoying). I called him out on it, once I realized that this was never going to change, and I decided that Adam is like a tortoise slowly eating a little piece of lettuce. I think he agreed to my analogy. So this is Adam as a tortoise.

Everyone’s invited!



Firstly, I was planning on this just being a quick sketch I might try to improve upon later but it looked too funny to do anything more with. Haha

Adam was playing with Smudge but Duncan kept meowing. Move forward a minute or so and I see this – Adam carrying a soothed Duncan while dragging around a pink feather toy for Mr. Smudge to play with and chase. And like a flash, the trio passed and I was left amused.

New Views



We decided to “catify” the house a little by giving the cats a few more places to explore. We took off some things from the top of a bookshelf so the cat-os can see the room from a different view. Duncan was instantly drawn to the mirror on the wall and started taking in the world from the mirror. Not particularly all that cute or funny……but it was.

King of the Cat Climber



Duncan has been exploring several of Smudge’s spots in the house. Yes, I know that cats are territorial and have their own spaces, but Smudge has been quite rude about it all. Duncan will hang out on the cat bed or up on the top level of the cat climber, minding his own business, when Smudge suddenly tries to disrupt him. Inevitably this includes nipping at back legs and each other, with the final result of Smudge winning out and Duncan hopping off to find some respite. Perhaps this is unfair of me, but Smudge is such a jerk!